Two Nights Wild Camping In The Lakes

Posted in Two Night Wildcamping on December 22nd, 2014 by David Murphy

On the 7th March 2014 Myself and Julie fancied hiking and camping a couple of days in the lake District North West England.
We arrived at the pub and spent a bit longer than planned. A little happy we hit the summit of Sale Fell, I still don’t no till this day how we made it up. A few stumbles later we reached the summit at 00:30 hrs.
It’s was more than a midnight feast possibly around 01:30 when the food fit for a King and a Queen commenced, two beautiful Steaks with all the trimmings.
When we were settled in our tents and out came Julies wine and chocolates which we enjoyed along with Gizmo who had a few to many judging by what came out his rear all over my tent.
It was a windy night which thumped the Black Diamond Bombshelter all night. Luckily it didn’t leak then as it does now so we had a dry night.

The next morning it was still very windy on the hills and getting worse to the point we struggled to walk, so the intended hill for the second night didn’t happen and we ended up walking on lower ground to try and find options.
We found an area near a stream which was ideal. The weather was good so after pitching the tent and collecting water we laid down a tarp and lay there for hours watching the sky whilst preparing the evening meal which was a Chicken Curry. I have fond memories of a great time.

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