Two in a Black Diamond Bombshelter

Posted in Two in a Bombshelter on February 16th, 2014 by David Murphy


On the 1st February 2014
Myself daveswildcamping and Darren drove to the lakes in a convoy to do a wild camp.
Knowing to expect poor weather and we were not sure how Darren’s tent would hold up or my Black Diamond Bombshelter for that matter not having much experience with it. I decided on taking a backup the Hilleberg Akto.
On arriving we decided on the plan B to head for a lower down location with some shelter from the trees as the wind was mental. Walking through a park we picked out a spot to pitch knowing there would be a view of Ullswater at first light.
Been soaked and desperate to get out of the weather we decided just to pitch the bigger of the two tents and pile in that one. We pitch got out of our wet gear, feeling safe in the BD bombshelter we proceeded to cook.
Daveswildcamping kitchen would be two steaks stir fry and sauce and would be shared out with Mr. Coombs. We passed around some brandy and chatted quite a bit and then decided to get our heads down. Looking out in the morning at the views of Ullswater which was on the side of our tent, knowing this in darkness we would have pitched a different way.
I think this was an experience for Darren he won’t forget in a hurry, for me it was just another one of the usual good soakings.