Camping with Coombs

Posted in Camping with Coombs on January 21st, 2014 by David Murphy


On the 18th January 2014 myself daveswildcamping and Julie met Gill and Darren in the Trap Inn, Northumberland, to do a coastal wildcamp. Gill and I had met before we spent two nights at the Social Meet, great lass down to earth, who loves the outdoors. This would be the first time I had met Darren “budgie” which has been a long time coming, him been a big fan of my videos, I was pleasantly suprised and I knew straight away he was a canny bloke.
It was dark on leaving the pub as I needed the Internet connection to keep in touch with an auction bid that would be finished at around 17:30.
Arriving at the camp location, a piece of grass just feet from the sea with an amazing Seaviews.
With a stiff sea breeze I put up the Hilleberg Saivo, got it secured and proceeded to give Darren a hand with his excuse for a tent, not sure on the make here but it’s well within the budget wildcampers category.
Needing no fewer than four guy lines I added to stabilise it’s flimsy frame from collapse. Gill had her Vango Banshee which gave her a good slapping in the face throughout the night, her words.
Me and Julie had a real good cozy night in the Saivo but before that we were around a blazing fire Gill prepared in her homemade gas bottle fire pit.
Passing around my Brandy, I also had a few cans which i drank one of, Julie had some wine. I can’t remember what Gill brought but Darren had a can of, wait for it…..Red Bull. Been successful on his dry January crusade, it continued throughout the night after many attempts from us to break it lol. Gill fried a few sausages, Darren had some soup mix and a steak, me and Julie it was some homemade soup, warmed through with a lend of Darren’s mess tin.
We talked for hours passing the drink around whilst skipping Darren. The sky was clear in places and a moon rise was seen, a lovely warm fire roared. It was time to retire our tired eyes, we slipped into our joined up alpkit sleeping bags, made a hot drink and then opened the rear door to some amazing night views of the sea with a fresh breeze blowing In it was time to call it a night.
It rained nearly all night which was forcast but this didn’t start till we were all snug in our tents which was good.
My alarm was set to see a sunrise which wasn’t to be, the weather was nasty, very wet, I didn’t want to get up at all.
Gill had been up early and had been for a walk and looked soaked so I had made my mind up, if I was getting up it would only be to take down the tent. Julie eventually got me up saying the sun is out have a look, so I did and it was beautiful.

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