Wild Camping in snow

Posted in Wild Camping in snow on January 17th, 2014 by David Murphy

On the 14th Jan 2014 Myself the wild camping king DavesWildCamping set off hoping for a Wildcamp in winter conditions. On driving over the north Pennines and seeing the snow covered hills, I realised this could be a good possibility.
After reaching our meeting point snow was only visible on the higher peaks. I went into the Pub around 14:15 and ordered my first pint, no sooner had I drank the top off I was informed by the barmaid that she be closing soon for a school run.
Paul “Kilburnicus” wouldn’t be here for another 30 mins so I waited outside. When he arrived we headed for the nearest public house for another.
I think it would be around 16:30 when we left the pub and headed up the planned hill of Great Dodd.
It had started raining and it wasn’t long before this turned to snow as we hiked through bog at first then onto more frozen ground and as we climbed higher the snow was nearly a foot deep in places. Passing Wolf Crags and over Bruts Moss and confident at this time I still felt comfortable we were gonna make it to our planned spot.
Then as we reached the summit of a lower hill called Randerside the winds had picked up considerably.
Great Dodd was only about a third of a mile to the summit with the prospects of even stronger winds and driven horizontal snow we pitched here.
I managed ok with my tent, I swapped over to my waterproof case back and filmed some of it been pitched till my gopro fell from my head. More than i can say for Paul who got bog all.
It was now time to retire inside and strip off out of my gear and I was surprised to find how dry I was. My t-shirt only wet at the top where my jacket hadn’t been zipped right up, my trousers at the knees where I had been kneeling down in the snow, and my feet were dry as a bone with my new boots Scarpa Delta GTX Activ.
Daveswildcamping kitchen was steak, onions and stir fry veggies with a stir fry sauce which was my best in a while.
The wind carried on all night with the snow easing and turning to rain later. By morning the snow had gone and so was kilburnicus’s hopes of filming some snow for his video, least he got his big breakfast on film, haha.

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