Wild Camping Secret Perch

Posted in Wildcamping Secret Perch on September 6th, 2013 by David Murphy


Its the 4th September 2013 it didn’t take much pondering to decide on doing the perch.
You may have guessed it, “The Perch” is a name I made up myself after spending many an hour sitting looking out to sea with my stove boiling water for a brew and going back home to the then girlfriend saying where have you been, I’d say “oh, on me perch love”.
The last time I was here was for a spot of fishing seen in a previous video on YouTube called “My Secret Perch“,  it may not have been the best spot for fishing due to the long way vertical to haul in the catch, good job I caught fuck all isn’t it.
Before the fishing trip I was here to camp, I brought my Akto tent with the usual load of grub, took out my stove put a brew on and started unpacking the tent and soon realised I forgot a vital piece of equipment, my headtorch so abandoned ship.
This time was to be different I remembered everything as much discipline learned in the art of packing your gear from a Mr. Kilburnicus….. yeah right haha.
Out came the first in any survival situation, the stove for a brew of tea, then I put up my Terra Nova Jupiter bivvy bag making sure everything was pegged down firmly incase I turned over in my sleep and fell off the side.
Then it was time for Daveswildcamping kitchen which was rather tame and boring,  just bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes which I also had for breakfast too.
There was a few flies around at first then the sea breeze picked up and they sharp cleared off, temperatures were really warm and it was relaxing hearing the waves crash off the rocks and the birds flying past me wondering what I was upto just as the guy fishing below was passing the odd strange look up. Darkness coming in I crawled into my bivy and gazed out to the ocean feeling very content, by now the winds had dropped and It wasnt long before the sea air made me feel very tired as I lay on my back looking up at a partially cloud covered sky with occasional stars shining through the gaps, I started drifting off. Next thing I remember it was 4am and looking out to see a vessel with a bright light shining and I could see in the windows people inside walking around with red uniforms on. This was a bit un-nerving wondering if they could see me and what they were upto. I said in the video I wasn’t going to film it as my camera has a redlight that flashes which can be turned off in the fiddly settings but by then would have been to late, so I tried covering it by sticking one finger over it. After dismissing Aliens, could it have been the police or coast guard looking for a missing person…me after last seen heading for the fragile cliffs, it was a relief when I seen them pulling in a fishing net. I never would have realised a boat could get so close to where I was, the tide must have been right in by now. Speaking of the cliffs along from me I remembered reading a few years ago a local fisherman dieing after the cliff fell into the sea, hence the path been closed as seen at the beginning of the video.
After drifting back off to sleep I awoke to some amazing red skies and quickly scrambled for my camera, amazing scenes sometimes the full glory not captured on camera. It was an amazing sight and made this trip one to stick in my memory forever.


As I’m writing this on a notepad sitting in my car, time 16:23 Friday 6th September its absolutely bucketing down, windy and the temperatures have dropped around 10 degrees from Wednesday, I begin to realise how lucky I was to have had this experience and how different it could have been. Red sky in the morning shepherd’s warning is dead right,  usually means high pressure is leaving us.

Thanks for reading and watch my video below.