WildCamping in Woods in The Peak District

Posted in Peak District on April 3rd, 2011 by David Murphy

On the 10th of Dec 2010 me and my friend Paul aka themus28 went to The Peak District near Shefield to do a wildcamp and meet a chap whom i have wanted to meet for quite some time terrybnd on meeting Terry we had a stroll over to the pub where we downed a few before getting down to business.

After a bit of natter and another pint we decided to head off for a hike around the peak district we decided on pitching our tents in a wood on a slight hill, there was a about 4 inches of snow under our feet.

 After pitching our tents out came the booze I had an aluminium 1 litre bottle full of whisky Paul had his usual Brandy and black Russian I think, we talked well into the darkness and we had a scary moment when Paul went missing in the woods me and Terry were shouting his name for quite a while and I was getting worried.

Some time later he emerged from the woods and wondered what the fuss was about he was mortal and I found out days later after he had made his video for youtube he was filming a blair witch scene haha.

We retired to our tents where Paul was demonstrating how good his little meth stove was 🙂 and then fell asleep in a texting position with his mobile.

When morning came we packed up our tents, the snow had all melted barely any sign of it anywhere, Terry took us on a walkabout of the peak district which was a pleasant experience will definite return some day.

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