Posted in Swinside Lake District on May 25th, 2013 by David Murphy

On the 27th April Myself and Kilburnicus met up again at the Swinside Inn where we met up for the Causey Pike Wild Camp.
I was there first as usual bought myself a pint and Sat outside in the glorious Sunshine awaiting Paul’s arrival.
He was running late (now there’s a surprise) least he wouldn’t get lost this time after been here just weeks before. After a few jars we would leave our cars in the Inn carpark to be nosed at by a very nosey woman gorping out of the pub at us as we too our backpacks from the car and headed into the woods just over a fence at the side.
On our way into a clearing, the skies were blue and as the view of the river Derwent became obvious I new then that we were in for a good treat.

Then a couple of Osprey’s appeared above us I didn’t manage to get good video of these using the gopro’s tiny lens but I am not prepared to take my Nikon on a wildcamp trip, in fact it be up for sale on ebay soon.
Arriving at the top of the hill we had a great 360° view of the Derwent on one side

and Brassenthwaite Lake on the other, this as I mentioned in my video was going to be my new favourite hill.
It has a bit of everything, cover in all directions if winds were bad and has trees for hammocking to.
Paul had his Terra Nova Voyager and I had my Terra Nova Jupiter Bivi bag and alpkit rig 7 tarp and two 6ft tarp poles which I was trying out for the first time.
As the sun was falling out came Daveswildcamping Kitchen and what a treat I had in store it was my best to date and was gonna prove hard to beat.
Bolognese it was gorgeous, with a dash of red wine what I took up especially and I could see the envy on Kilburnicus’s face as that wine was been tipped into some of the finest ingredients my kitchen has ever seen.
When it was cooked I spilt a little on my setup as you will see and hear in the video as I wasn’t best happy.
After eating our food and darkness had set in we seen a powerful spot light scanning the area below we dived down to take cover thinking it maybe police looking for us noticing our cars had been left in the pub carpark. We thought it could have been someone thinking we were out poaching the Ospreys. As the wind started to increase we sat and talked and felt like we were on the run, lol.
Sometime later after gulping half the wine we decided to call it a night I climbed into my bivvy and without using the pole, just open enjoying the breeze on my face and watching the clouds cover the sky and the rain was starting to come down.
I then remembered waking up to increased winds and had to take down the tarp before it and the poles were damaged and finished my sleep off in a zipped up bivi without the pole as it was burried somewhere under the tarp which my backpack was holding down.
The rain got heavier as it got light and I was looking over to killys tent wishing he would wake up and get the bacon and eggs on and pass me a plate containing a slap up breakfast as my options of cooking wasnt much of one.
After many attempts of trying to wake him I new once I climbed out of my bivvy bag I wouldn’t be going back in it dry. On going over to his tent we decided just to pack without breakfast.
Once again it was a brilliant night, great food and crack with a great gentleman.
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