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Posted in Causey Pike Lake District on April 26th, 2013 by David Murphy

13th April 2013 me and Paul Kilburnicus met up at the Swinside Inn near Keswick, Lake District, Cumbria, to have a few pints and head up to Causey Pike for a spot of Wildcamping and by gum it was wild Camping.
I used my Osprey Argon pack which I find better for hiking any distance with weight, first time using my GoPro Hero 3 black edition, my tent would be my usual Hilleburg Akto.
Darkness was just creeping in when we reached the summit we were in no hurry to rush our journey up the steep side of Causey Pike.


Me and Paul on summit.


Causey Pike Summit in Distance


Paul telling me where its at.

The wind was quite intense on the way up and at the top, feeling there was no suitable place to pitch two tents on the summit we continued walking and decided to pick a spot a about a hundred yards away, the spot we picked seemed calm so erecting the tents was a breeze.
We chatted and I cranked up the dragonfly for a brew whilst killy messed with his new Primus Omnilite Ti after trying out some vodka and orange we decided to head indoors as cooking outside wasn’t an option with the continuing showers.
So on firing up the stove for a second time on went some chicken see my video (bottom of page) for the full story on my food.
I managed to get my cooking done before the winds started hitting us more, a slight change in wind direction and the angle had lowered, what was going over the top of us from the steep ridge beside us was striking us now with some strong gusts.
The winds carried on throughout the night, kilburnicus was out several times firming up his tent and mine;) and pushing pegs back in whilst I just laughed away.


Mine and Paul’s Aktos

Morning came it was still very strong wind and I had problems with a persistent peg coming out the bottom of my tent I found myself at one stage reaching over with my foot to put weight on the end of tent and trying to grab the pole I managed to pull a bedroom cord and tore it off. Unzipping the vent on the door to hold onto the pole as the tent was lifting about five inches off the ground because both guys had came out the sides of tent. Out came kilburnicus to bring some of his teabags as I had misplaced mine which later I found in my jacket pocket, whilst he was out he tended to my guys again giving me enough time to cook my bacon before another peg popped out.
Pulling on my boots I decided to head outside to see what all the fuss was about lol. I found a set of titanium pans on the side of hill what Paul had lost when a gust of wind had swept them out of his porch probs when he was out pegging down my tent haha.
We both enjoyed a wildcamp which had lived up to its name and look forward to the next which turned out to be a total contrast.

camping and cooking, wild as usual, next……

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