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I arranged to meet Paul “Kiburnicus” at the Twice Brewed Inn near Bardon Mill, Hexham an exact time wasnt arranged just “we’ll see you there” I arrived around 12pm and Paul about 2:30 so decided on passing some time by having a drink I didnt have any cash on me so used my debit card so decided on a bacon butty too. Still no Paul so I decided on driving upto where we planned to park near a foot path which takes you along to the planned camp location. I arrived back to the pub and only waited a few mins then Paul arrived so we had a drive back up to where I’d just been had a look around and we decided on leaving the cars in the pub carpark overnight.
So off back to the pub we went for another couple and headed off on foot to Hadrians Wall about 20 mins walk we walked around the wall a bit and didnt pitch the tents till the sun went down.

Our Pitch photo taken in the morning

The location we picked had a view of Crag Lough Sycamore Gap and Milecastle 39,

The remains of Milecastle 39, near Steel Rigg.

Milecastle 39, also known as Castle Nick, is a Roman fortification along Hadrian's Wall.

Milecastle 39 was partly excavated by archaeologists in the 19th century, and more fully in the 1980s by conservation workers. The milecastle measures 19m long by 15.5m across with stone walls standing 1.75m high. The excavations in the mid-1980s[1] revealed that barracks blocks that were initially built inside the milecastle had later been replaced by small individual buildings. The milecastle was occupied continuously until the fourth century AD.


  1. ^ Photographs and commentary from the dig during the mid-1980s that revealed the milecastle as it is seen today can be found at http://www.twoatlarge.com/ralph/archaeology/newarch/hadrianswall-1.html

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Coordinates: 55°0′13.12″N 2°22′32.74″W / 55.0036444°N 2.3757611°W / 55.0036444; -2.3757611 (Milecastle 39)

A photo below of Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall was used for the scene when Robin first confronts the Sheriff’s men.

Another of Sycamore Gaphadrians_wall1

Below is Milecastle 39 where we cooked.
After the tents went up it was time to retire to The fort for a drink and something to eat, steak was on the menu for me and Paul had some fried Chicken in Garlic butter.

This to date was my tastiest steak it was absolutely beautiful we had some good laughs in a great historical place something to remember thanks to Paul for the idea and coming alone with me, before leaving we made sure we left no rubbish or any signs we had been there and the fire was on a grid raise off the stone to take heat away from.

Watch my video below.

All photos used are taken by myself.
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