Forest Meat Feast

Posted in Forest Meat Feast on December 2nd, 2012 by David Murphy

9th November 2012 me and Paul headed off to the Forest, a place I had picked out some months earlier as a possible wildcamp slash meat roasting feast.
The location was on a top of some caves and near a viaduct bridge somewhere in northern england, we werent to cut our own wood this time as we carried a load into the forest that would last us the night.
Paul had his bivvy me my Hilleberg akto tent as my bivvys were currently away getting a mod done.
Paul had the fire going pretty snappy and the spit setup and we slid on the lamb and the pork which would turn out to be one of our finest feast to date, the fire was extra hot this time figuring maybe its because the wood was purchased and not cut from a damp forest and maybe that give us the extra heat than we werent used to.

Things turned a little nervy around midnight we were hearing some strange sounds one of which seamed like a girls cries, been just above the caves we though maybe someone was in some sort of trouble I said to Paul get the axe which was stuck in the tree so we went to investigate, no sooner we started walking then the crys stopped, Paul said maybe it was just an animal or something.
After making a pig of ourselves on the meat, yorkshire puddings, potatoes and veggies we decided to call it a night. Paul was asleep first as usual I could hear the snoring pretty loud then I seen what appeared to be flashes on the side of my tent this happened over a few seconds period then disappeared, then it happened again about a minute later over the same period then it repeated again then a got out my sleeping bag put on my boots, I was convinced this was someone with a torch heading into the woods possibly a couple of lads I didn’t feel to comfortable I started to call “Paul” “Paul” “snore snore” was my response, the flashes appeared a few more times so I decided to have a peak out the top of the door of my tent which was facing away from the lights, I popped my head through the gap in the door and over the top of the tent to notice some glowing embers of the fire then I seen a leaf blow onto the embers and ignite and flare up, I was overcome by some relief so decided I can get some sleep now.

When morning came we had bacon for breakfast, Paul had his on first as I had some problems with my MSR Dragonfly stove a fuel leak from the pump which caught alight so in a panic a let loose on it and started kicking it all over the place not thinking about pouring on liquid as Paul said do. So I ended up cooking it on Paul’s stove using my frying pan which wouldnt fit his stove so he made some makeshift legs from some twigs you will see on the video it worked a treat.

Something worth mentioning happened the next night, me and my sister were out in the car and had visited my usual haunt Mc Donalds drive through, we parked up to eat our burgers when a police called pulled along side me, I wound down the window and he was asking why my car was parked up last night I said are yes there would have been another car next to it he described Paul’s car to me I replied me and my mate were camping out in the woods, he replied were you not frightened I said yeah at one point I was a bit when I seen what I thought was torches shining on the side of my tent, before I could say anything else he said that would have be us and he also said someone was going to throw themselves off the bridge.