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On the 17th May 2012 myself Paul themuss Daniel Export Sales Rep for Hilleberg the TentMakers and a group of lads from George Fisher the Outdoor equipment shop whom are great retailer for Hilleberg Tents and other outdoor gear, we all met at a Campsite in the Lake District (after the Keswick Mountain Festival had been on up the road) to have a bit of crack, some booze and some food and stay the night in some Hilleberg Tents.

Me and Paul arrived at Keswich in the Lake District  had around 4pm ish and drove onto the Stonewaithe Campsite (it was raining as usual for the area) to be greeted by a lone man in his tent we sat there for a bit wondering if this was Daniel or someone from George Fisher maybe, on asking him he said he hadnt herd of Hilleberg and new nothin about our meeting which we were invited to.

So off we went to seekout some info at the nearest pub called The LangStrath Country Inn which whilst we were there we thought we would checkout the local Ale we asked some questions if anyone had known about a meeting with Hilleberg and George Fisher on the campsite just a few hundred yards down the rather bumpy road, knowone had herd anything, me and Paul were a little unsure what to expect here would there be Marquee tents serving mountains of food and beer with hundreds of people here ? we even considered the email we received to be a windup lol. With some phoning around from a very helpful woman in the pub whom put our minds to rest and said it was all true and soon enough a silver car past the pub window and she said he was waiting for us on the campsite.

 (From left to right) Daniel, Jon, Paul and Myself Daveswildcamping

So after just one pint of the fine Ale we walked over to be greeted by Daniel a very charming Scandinavia guy whom works in Export Sales for Hilleberg the famous tent makers this was something I was very looking forward to and couldnt be missed as I have been a fan of there tents for many years as my videos will show.

Me trying on the Hilleberg Bivanorak

We started by errecting some of the tents Daniel had brought a long opened some cans of lager he had with him and soon after three lads from George Fisher had turned up. We all had a wander around these fabulous tents whilst Daniel gave us a run down on them and explained how one person is involved with the full manufacture of each tent and their name is place on a tag inside the tent that they have made. I found this astonishing as  I have never noticed this on my old Akto and checked it when I got home and sure enough a name was on the tag “Helviina Saar” as you can see from my video, I really find this amazing as I no the care these people will take in making these tents as not only because there name is on but the sense of pride each individual would feel after being solely involved in making a product that will be used and cherished by someone on the other side of the world for many years, how satisfying that must feel.

After some cans of lager and a nice baracue and some more chat we decided to call it a night around 23:00 two of the members of our group couldn’t spend the night so we were down to just the four of us myself Paul, Daniel and Jon I had my usual poor sleep no fault of the great roomy tent I spent the night in which was the Nammatj 2 made from the Kerlon 1800 which is currently the strongest fabric used in Hilleberg tents and has the stronger 10mm Dac poles this is a tent I will be considering in the near future.

We had our alarm clocks set for 7am and had breakfast which was provided, we packed away the tents and off we went, Daniel was talking about us going over to Scandinavia sometime which I would love too I even offered to pay Pauls flight to come with me, watch this space 😉

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