Return to Great Mell Fell

Posted in Return To Great Mell Fell on November 19th, 2011 by David Murphy

On the 18th November me and Paul returned to Great Mell Fell this time we meet Chris and Pauls new better tent hopefully this time we will spend the night.
We arrived approx 8.30pm and Chris who was a tad late, this was to be a dark hike up to the summit.
Paul and Chris both with there new Hillebergs and there other show off expensive gear, myself with my new fleece and hat with most of my gear from Tesco and Asda we prepared ourselves for a chilly night on Great Mell Fell.
After cooking my steak carefully recording every moment that sadly you won’t get to see not even a still image of the famous Daveswildcamping steak as during our run back to Pauls car it bounced out my pouch, the run was a first as we were behind shedule due to my rather untimely bowl movement.
I was rather tired on this hike with working long hours and I had to be nearly dragged from my tent to join in the socializing, a few sips of my rum and I was in full flow.
We awoke early to a clear morning not a drop of rain all night, we had great laughs and was great meeting up with old buddies again and look forward to the next.

No video too follow :'(